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Refreshing Salad

Ok, first of all I to announce that I’m an açai virgin no more! First I wasn’t very interested in falling into the açai trend because I though that they were destroying and exploiting the jungles, specially in Brasil. I think this is somewhat true (I have to make further research) but of what I’ve read the Sambazon company is making a much sustainable approach. Knowing this I was eager to try it and to my fortune a friend brought a juice; I just wasn’t planning  to spend my money on açai. I loved the flavor and my friend told me to try the sorbet. There is a huge craze here in Puerto Rico with small stores making the now famous (& expensive) açai bowls. So I brought the sorbet on my last trip to the market. Guess what i had for breakfast? Ujum, Açai sorbet with mixed berries. Delicious.

For dinner I had The Vietname Rice Noodles with Grilled Tofu, of course a recipe from my new book obsession Appetite for Reduction. I added bean sprouts and edamame and subbed the red onions for green onions.

RUN and buy this book!

I dont have a cast iron, think I’m going to buy one this week.